My Favourite Rooms Part 1: BEDTIME STORIES

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While I was organising my computer desktop and filing all my favourite images of interior spaces, I realised I have far more images of gorgeous bedrooms than any other. With our shorter days and longer nights we probably spent more time in our beds than we actually need. No need to feel guilty!  I think this is the room where one can have the most fun when it comes to designing and decorating. Why can’t we have a 5-star hotel bedroom at home? Isn’t this the room where we spend almost a third of our lives? Whether you choose a traditional and ‘dressed’ bedroom or a sleek, contemporary one, try to have the best quality linen you can afford. Ever since I can remember I dreamt of  having a four poster bed. Which is probably why I always want to use layers of beautiful fabrics and crisp 100% Egyptian cotton bedlinen. In my opinion an extra high and longer bed is a must as it makes a bedroom that much more inviting and luxurious.  With stacks of books and magazines, fragrant candles and good lighting to read at, you’ll have the perfect excuse to spend an extra hour (or two) in bed. Good night!



Where dreams come true…



Alabaster and gold bedside lamp



If I were a man this would be my bedroom
(with the dogs!)



Jo Malone candles



Denim blue and white



100% Cotton Percale



My favourite – Aerin Lauder’s bedroom.



Shelves filled with books – perfect!



Pretty, pretty, pretty…



Karlie Kloss in monogrammed pj’s – so smart!
British Vogue 2011

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